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Patchwork carpets. Kuatro Carpets

Patchwork carpets: exciting textures for a living feeling.


A patchwork carpet creates unique accents. The rich, diverse colors, the different fabrics and the soft touch of the wool give patchwork carpets a luxurious touch. A patchwork carpet has its own effect – very different from a classic carpet.

A Kuatro patchwork carpet is always a modern and trendy interpretation of classic design. Whether colorful, with or without stripes. There is always one for every ambience and every design.

The texture of a patchwork carpet ensures the typical lively feeling that is known from hand woven fabrics. Due to the robustness and durability, they are ideal for daily use in all living areas, even in the children’s room.

Our Ottoman patchwork collection is the perfect addition to every luxurious home. The Scottish checkered pattern in dark tones creates an elegant ambience. Our Ottoman patchwork carpet embodies a strong sense for playing with dynamic lines and bold details.